Mohnish Mohan Mukkar – Benefits of Outdoor Play

According to Mohnish Mohan Mukkar today’s kids are mostly engrossed in playing indoors with tablets & video games, and are so happy playing with these gadgets that they don’t involve themselves in playing outdoors with others. However, they should! Playing outside will make them agile and lively. Next time, do observe your kids after they come from play; you will notice that they feel free-spirited, happier and healthier.

The basic problem news is that these days, kids are mostly stuck between the school, its co-curricular activities and parent’s defensive attitude (to protect their child from cuts & bruises).

Scroll down to find out the major benefits of Outdoor Play and get convinced that it is pertinent part of any childhood.

Benefits of Outdoor Play:

Boosts learning prospective or capabilities

The little ones learn better when their spirit, mind and body is involved together, i.e. the play in which their whole personality could evolve. By playing outside, besides their individuality or charisma (personality), their learning abilities also grow.

Good Health

When children get to explore things outside their four boundaries, they tend to be more active. While playing all over the outdoors, they are burning their calories and developing stamina. Mohnish Mohan Mukkar wants to tell you also, they are building up their muscles and hence, their overall fitness too. Kids should be strong from their very childhood, so that they are able to lead a happy and a healthy lifestyle.

Enhancing social skills

Out-of-doors is the place where kids feel free. It’s an open world for them, where they have no fear of either getting louder in their tone or breaking something while they are running around. Moreover, when they step-out of their home for playing, they meet other kids and make new friends. According to Mohnish Mohan Mukkar this enables the kiddie winks to improve upon their social and communication skills.

Motivating Creativity

Outdoor play motivates your kid’s creativity. It is by playing outdoors that kids stimulate their endless imagination. This is possible because there are no limitations and restraints like that of indoor play.

Healthy way of life

While playing in the sun, kids get Vitamin-D which is helpful in the development of their bones & teeth and strengthens their immune system as well. Playing outdoors makes children happier and aids them in loosening up. It also plays a good role in improving their positive mental attitude, making them lead a successful and happy life.

Spending maximum time doing sedentary activities, and doing zero outdoor activities will not only make your child unhealthy, but also makes them lethargic. By the Mohnish Mohan Mukkar encourage your children to go out, play and use all their extra energy constructively, especially if they tend to be restless after sitting for long hours. Playing would certainly help them in regaining peace and feel relaxed.

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