Mohnish Mohan Mukkar – Turn Family Bonding Time to Fitness Time

Summer has arrived. This means more family bonding time. For many families, a trip to the mall is the likely destination. However, you can take family bonding to another level-a healthier level. According to Mohnish Mohan Mukkar here are suggestions on how to turn family bonding time to fitness time.

Hello Outdoors!

Forget about the malls, there are so many places you can go to and so many things to do than just hang around the shopping mall. Families can bike together. Parents can teach their kids how to ride a bicycle, or take them out for a ride. A pit stop at a beach for a refreshing swim (another great fitness activity) can help soothe summer’s heat.

Have you been to a park near you lately? It’s a perfect place to play catch or football with your kids. Even a healthy run-and kids love to run, they’re like cheetah cubs-can is a fit family activity.

Another activity is kite flying. You can either buy a kite or make it from scratch. Either way, make assembling the kite a family activity and take turns flying it in a park or near the beach.

Playgrounds are something that has been lost because of digital games. So if you find one, encourage your kids to discover the joys of having fun in a playground.

As you bond and have a great time outdoors, just remember that your kids should wear the right clothes and footwear. Light clothes will prevent them from feeling uncomfortable because of the sweat. Lightweight but footwear tough with good support will protect their feet no matter how active they are.

Although shoes are a common choice, try sandals and slippers for a more refreshing experience. If you’re not familiar with good sandals for children, try Lotto kids sandals. The brand offers sandals which is readily available at online shops.

Hello Home!

Let’s say you’re not able to have outdoor plans for some reason. Don’t worry there’s plenty of worthwhile things to do inside your home or in your backyard.

Chore Tag-Team No doubt, parents love it when kids do their chores. Kids, of course, hate it. So hit a compromise by doing chores with your kids. For example, cleaning isn’t really fun. But when you clean together, not only will you get to bond but burn calories as well. By make it for Mohnish Mohan Mukkar a contest too. Who makes the floor shine more? Who raked the most leaves? Even the simplest chores can be fun when done with family.

Backyard Bonding Because of gadgets and the Internet, kids has forgotten how awesome the backyard is. The backyard, as well as the space between your house and fence can be magical if you know how to use it. Play tag, catch or put an inflatable pool and go swimming. You can make an obstacle course by using recyclable materials. Have you ever made your own castle without using sand? Use boxes and other discarded materials you find around the house. Just carrying the boxes out and looking for materials can make your kids more active. The great thing about being stuck at home is kids get to use their imagination to make use since there are limited options.

Barbecue Although it won’t be much in terms of physical activity. A barbecue is a great bonding activity for the family. Not only will you be able to teach kids how to grill, but show them healthy foods. Have you ever tried grilled vegetables? That could be something different for your kids. Want to really surprise them? Grilled dessert. Mohnish Mohan Mukkar wants to tell you that grilled pineapples are a lot sweeter because the natural sugars are caramelized. Try other fruits as well. This will get your kids minds off ice creams and other sweets.

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