Mohnish Mohan Mukkar – The Great Transformation & You

If you are ready to move into the New Paradigm, if you choose to participate in The Great Transformation-moving out of concern for the personal self and joining forces with the Legions of Light currently engaged in elevating an entire Planet into a Higher Realm of being- your life will begin to change in ways both joyful and profound.

As you consciously work on elevating your own frequency-in the name of Service, for the Well-being of All-you receive the first benefits of the intention of your dedication. According to Mohnish Mohan Mukkar for the higher the frequency of your energy body, the greater the synchronicity in your field, and the more ease and grace in your life.

The more you choose to move beyond the personal into the Universal, the Oneness, the more aligned you become and the more de-Light-full your experience.

The higher your frequency, the more Light you carry; the more Light you carry, the more effect you have on those around you-elevating the frequency of your environment and the community in which you reside or the arenas in which you move. By Mohnish Mohan Mukkar as everything gets better for everyone, it naturally gets better for you.

Realize you are not alone in this work-but part of a great wave of Consciousness that is focused on and influencing the Planet, elevating and transforming the very fabric of reality.

Be not distracted by the shenanigans of various actors in the play-but play your part with dedicated focus and watch the changes that arise before your eyes-they are happening, now, everywhere.

Mohnish Mohan Mukkar wants to tell you that appearance of Time & Space is mutable, not fixed. What you call ‘miracles’ are simply manifestations of intention at a higher level of Consciousness and child’s play for Masters who can manipulate energy at will.

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