I am a retired HS physics and science teacher and we are also the happy grandfather of 11 grandchildren. My spouse and I wish to take our grandchildren on trips and this year we-took 6th of the younger children (5-8 yrs) on a trip to San Antonio. Since my spouse and I are both instructors, we prefer to include something fun, but educational on our trip.

It was a particularly hot and humid day, so we chose to take the kids to the new Dorsum that had just opened. The Dorsum is a huge, 5. 5 acre magical facility packed with everything science and much, a lot more all for a reasonable price with season ticket possibilities. If you might have never been, I highly recommend it!

The small we walked through the doors, I had been ecstatic to see each of the cool “science” learning toys and displays everywhere! I had been even more ecstatic to find the happy families playing with those cool learning gadgets!

The first area we entered was the section marked “Spy Academy. Inches this section allows the kids to “play detective” and solve clues to find secret rooms, passageways and hidden drawers in the walls, staircase, and fireplace. My grandchildren remained in that room for over an hour looking for clues. There are costumes readily available for several of the exhibits, so my little sleuths made a decision to wear trench coats and fedoras!

Spy Academy included a finger-printing station, an authority’s image station, plus magic formula codes that they’d to decipher. They were so engaged by the activities in the Spy School section, I was not sure we would even see the rest of the museum that day! What fascinated me about this room was that it was so silent! A lot of the kids (and their parents) were thinking about their next clue. Right now there was no talk. That they were in the search searching for that solution to the mystery and their faces all confirmed complete determination to do a great job. That was awesome to see their problem-solving skills for!

There is something about learning and play. Exploration tells us that children learn the best by playing and using their imagination to solve problems. I know that. Now I’m a teacher. I’ve read the research. But as I watched the many parents and children in that museum that day learn the same ideas I taught in my physics class, I thought to myself, I are looking at how people have probably linked for hundreds of years. Father and mother and grandparents taught endurance skills or traditions that ensured family success. Participating in is learning, and learning makes people happy and connects families! Kids and parents were both included in using their heads, solving problems and building memories. Everybody was beaming! It reminded me of my youth learning how to garden with my grandmother as well as how to sew with my mom- both life-time skills and happy thoughts that will remain with me forever!

By Mohnish Mohan Mukkar

News Reporter

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