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Boots are among the typical footwear for both women and men. They come in different sizes and designs, size in the sense that, there are those that just ankle high while there are others that are thigh high. Lace up Knee High boots are specifically for women, they extend above the knee and have laces that tie up to their full length. The laces can either be in front or behind, on the calf muscles or even on the lateral sides of the boot.


The significant feature with lace up knee high boot is that it brings about elegance and beauty in a woman, giving them the look of a bolder sassy and well-dressed lady. The other unique feature in all boot is the level of the heel, there those that have a wedged heel and those with either medium or long heels. The choice of these types of heels is commonly personal and also weather based.

What to consider while buying lace up knee high boots.

The first factor to consider is your shoe size. Boots fit well when they are of the exact size. Measuring of the foot size is a cheap step, however; it is best done in the evening when the foot has reached its actual size after walking for a whole day. The old tracing method is used to draw the size of the foot on a paper and is best done when wearing the socks to be worn with the boots.

The other aspect you need to consider while planning to purchase these lace up knee high boots is the width; there are of different width sizes such as A for narrow going up to C for the wider ones. The width aspect is also of great importance considering that these boots extend to the thighs, different women have varying calf muscles size.


The make and design of the boot is also another thing to pay attention to; there are many materials such as fabric, leather, and PVC that are used to make these shoes. Each category has its own up, and downs such as leather boots are durable but they could be pricey, while on the other hand PVC boots are cheap but not that durable. The main advantage of PVC boots is that they are stretchable and therefore, the issue of width is almost covered.


Lace up knee-high boots are excellent types of foot wears for any woman. For those who want to feel taller in height or even slender, these are your choice of boots.

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